Sweet plans for Sweet sixteen party

Sweet sixteen is the age for grabbing the fullest enjoyment of fun and merriment. So, sweet sixteen party planning demands that zeal and excitement. All you need for planning such a party is your creativity and proper management.

Usually, the 16th birthday of a sweet teen is the best or, you can say, the most suitable event on which parents can arrange for a sweet sixteen party. Besides this, school children also arrange for surprise parties, celebration parties, and especially prom night parties on which events sweet sixteen party planning can be done.

Party theme is a must
Without theme fun facts are unimaginable in any sweet sixteen party. Choosing a particular theme means it would be reflected on each and every aspects of your party. Suppose, you have determined the theme of Disney land for your daughter’s birthday party. In that case you have to decorate the party venue like a small Disney land and invite your guests to come in their favorite cartoon characters’ costume. For more simplified theme you can just select one or two color scheme.

Instead of inviting your guests simply by calling you can send them especially ordered attractive invitation cards which reflect the theme of your party. You can order cards with cartooned image of your daughter who is the host and birthday girl. Here you can have a great opportunity to show your creativity if you chose the option of handmade cards. It will save your cost. Just buy some colorful papers, stickers, ribbons, glitters and gum and start your job.

Decoration and other arrangements:
If you appoint a professional party planner and give them your theme they will manage your decoration better. You can hire some pumping sofas which are very funny to the sweet-sixteens.  But don’t forget to order for enough chairs for invited number of guests. Apart from using flowers, balloons, ribbons you can buy some colorful banners and festoons of fanciful sizes printed with cartoon imagery for decoration. You can use one-time-use glasses and plates instead of ceramic dishes. This will create a picnic spirit and teenagers are very fond of this.

Food preparation:
In a sweet sixteen party planning cake is the main attraction among all the food items. Concentrate on the size and shape of the cake and its candles as well. Ice-cream is another yummy menu as a desert in any birthday party. So you must have a good storage of ice-creams of different flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc. Candy bars are must have items for sweet sixteen parties. You can add some newness in this item if you order for candy bars with personalized shapes.   

The greatest thing on which your sweet sixteen party planning should be concentrated is the arrangements for amusement because teen gathering demands such things to a great extent. You can hire a clown in fancy dress or a magician so that the guests can have some happy moments. DJ parties are the most famous amusement among teen folks. You can plan a dance competition during DJ party—it will engage boys and girls in nonstop dancing. Whoever will stop for a moment will be knocked out and finally the one who will keep on dancing without rest will be the winner. You can also arrange for some light fun games like musical chair, truth or dare etc. winner of each game will have some special gift and the other participants will also receive some simple gifts so that no one goes out with a disappointed face.

In this way you can prepare an awesome sweet sixteen party planning with a little innovation and recreation. Without extravagant pomp and grandeur you can achieve enormous happiness with your children very easily.

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