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PartySplitter helps you to organize a party or event.

From a little birthday party to a pop festival.

With the professional online invitations you know exactly who will come to your event.

Planning a party with PartySplitter is free!

Making a guest list is quick and easy.

Add guests to your address book, so it’s even easier to invite them to your next events.

A private party or a public party, everything is possible.

PartySplitter makes online party planning easy!

Send online professional invitations and you know exactly who will and who won’t come to your event.

If you want to, you can allow your guests to invite their friends.

Your guests confirm their presence with one simple click!

PartySplitter is the ultimate online party planner.

A clear list of all the costs of the party.

Make sure you won’t get to deal with undesirable financial surprises.

Calculate the costs with our smart budget calculator.

Use PartySplitter as your online party planner!

Use our task list! This keeps the planning of your party organized and clear.

Make sure to include all the necessary tasks in your list.

A good party starts with a good party planner. Planning a party with PartySplitter is easy!

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