Step by Step Guide to Thanksgiving Party Planning

Thanksgiving Day is the most awaited occasion of feast in American countries. A Thanksgiving party needs so elaborate arrangements that you need to start preparation weeks before the eve. So it is high time you started planning for the coming thanksgiving treat.

The most difficult job with Thanksgiving party is to cope with time. You should plan for the party in a way so that you can complete each and every preparation before you welcome the first guest of the day. Let us show you step by step suggestions for a Thanksgiving party which you can follow cool headedly:

Planning a work lists:
Before starting the preparation you need a minute brainstorming. Make a list of your works and arrange them one after another. This work scheme will be of great use to you as the preparation period of Thanksgiving party continues for a pretty long time there is a chance that you may forget some of your works. At the very beginning of your work list there should be guest count and sending invitation. Shopping various goods including cooking ingredients and other necessary equipments will occupy a great portion of the list. Cleaning your home, kitchen and refrigerator and home decoration are also important aspects which are must to be included. Also plan the menu of the day and manage specialized recipes for them. Thus ponder over your Thanksgiving party plan and chalk out one after another.

Complete purchasing:
Make a shopping list following your work list so that you don’t have to come back home from market missing any of the items. You can start your shopping with buying cooking utensils if you need some for large number of guests. Buy non-perishables and gears earlier and the perishables 1 or 2 days before the party. Purchase wine, Champaign, soft drinks, fruits, sauces etc. and, most important of all, pie dough, bread, and turkey and store them in refrigeration. Turkey is the central attraction of Thanksgiving party so you must pay attention to its quality and preservation. It is better to order for a fresh turkey few weeks before the day arrives. If you do not manage to do so buy a frozen one at least before a week.

Cooking plan:
You have to think about the meal in a different way so that your Thanksgiving party remains as a special one to your guests. You can look for some special type of bird such as a heritage or kosher turkey. Also collect a number of good recipes from cookbooks and online sources, compare-contrast between them and then select the best suited and most convenient one for the party. On the very day takeout your cooking materials and defrost them. Prepare the stuffing and fill the turkey, then put the turkey in the oven to roast. While the turkey is roasting, you can utilize the time in preparing other dishes. Once you have completed the main dishes, at the last stage of your cooking, go to prepare the gravy and desert items and chill out the drinks you have stored.

Prepare the arrangements:
For a Thanksgiving party is the greatest feast of the year you are inviting your guests for, your home and especially dinning place must be cleaned a day before the party. For home decor purpose you need to buy some centerpiece materials, candles, wreath or bouquets. On the party you need to have some inevitable goods which become useless later. You can hire some of those goods for the party day only, such as, tables, chairs, dinnerware, glassware, linen cloths, serving plates and bowls, serving spoons and forks, etc.

In this way, if you follow a fast and well planned timeline to get all your preparation complete for the Thanksgiving party and prove your worth as a perfect host.

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