Planning a perfect Derby party

You should add a real excitement to your good Derby party ideas regardless of you being a novice in Derby or a trained professional. You can also add flavour to your party through Kentucky fun, friends and food.

The Kentucky Derby party ideas have been appreciated by millions of people from all over the world including Kentucky. Suppose you are capable to be in Louisville aimed at "the supreme two actions in sports," you can find a lot of excitement and activities. Kentucky is one among the most popular Derbies in United States. In order to offer the best possible hospitality to your guests you can implement some of the most innovative party ideas.

How can you plan your menu at Kentucky Derby party?

The most ingenious portion of party is the menu. If you want to easily overcome the workload in the last minutes, plan your menu and pick the Kentucky food which could be refrigerated or frozen for more than a single day.

The most famous are serving system in Kentucky Derby Party seems to be Buffet as it is the easiest way to accommodate the huge number of relatives and friends in a minimum available space. In Derby party ideas You may enjoy the traditional system of the buffet supper in which the guests need to serve on their own and may find their dining space anywhere across your home. Another system is a buffet which can be implemented is 'seated' buffet supper in which the guests need to serve on their own and eat food at set tables.

Appetizers: Every party with a meal requires that you treat your guests with great food. To let them have the perfect experience of your food, you must show the courtesy to offer them mouth watering appetizers that will increase their hunger. In such a party, seeing the mood of the guest you can plan to serve them with a very exotic appetizer dish. Sometimes even a traditional spicy dish can do the trick. One can try one of those “Dill mix served along with hollowed out round bread” or “Pepper Jelly” and serve it with cream, cheese with crackers.  Such dishes are excellent appetizers for good Derby party ideas.

Main Course meal: When it comes to main courses, there are various traditional dishes that are often frequently a crowd favourite in the derby matches. This is also one of party ideas. You can pick any of these and impress your guests with your cooking skills.
Re-fried Ribs (Uncle John's)
The Kentucky Burger
Kentucky’s Hot Browns
Barbeque Beef, Chicken or pork
Old Country Ham with Beaten Biscuits

All these recipes are quite traditional and also very delicious and they are good Derby party ideas. Having these on the derby day can have a great impression from your side on the guests.

Desserts and beverages:
After filling their bellies with delicious food, you can also overwhelm them with desserts and sweet dishes that can just set the party mood. It goes without saying that a meal is incomplete without a dessert and rightly so, yours too should end with a traditional dessert recipe.  

Keeping the mood of the party alive after the meal is very important too, if the derby is finished, you can initiate to have some fun activities and games too for your party. It is a common tradition to play games and do various activities with family. Being the biggest horse race in the world, there is no doubt about the excitement of the party for all the watchers and your family members. So being a host, you have great good Derby party ideas; it is your duty to keep them entertained.

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