How to Go About The Perfect Company Party Planning

Company Party planning is a serious job and anything overlooked may result in serious outcomes. To organize a flawless party is a key factor and through following the mentioned ways below you can avoid mishaps in this biggest company event of the year.

Nowadays the trend of organizing company parties is at a high and there may be times when one is faced with the responsibility of organizing one as a member of a committee. Company party planning is somewhat different from organizing a casual party and requires a lot of look into and freehand work to be done.

It can also be done through hiring external companies and party organizers to manage the event however the extra cost should be kept under consideration. Some companies that are not too extensive tend to organize the event on their own and listed below are some things that should be kept in mind during the party planning.

•    Plan the party date way in advance.
One problem that is often faced in company parties is difficulty in finding a suitable venue for the occasion. This is because as other details may be in the process of discussion much before the event the fixing of the event date is often delayed for later which causes a lot of trouble in booking a proper venue for the party. The very thing required in company party planning is to fix the date and go accordingly. It is advised that a party is organized for 300 to 500 people should have a date fixed almost three months prior to the event, similarly at 600 to 800 people party should be planned 4 to 5 months earlier and so on. Normally all business parties are organized in one part of the year that is usually December and so all the food halls are booked early. Also finding the halls for a weekend gets impossible during the season and employees do not prefer attending parties that are scheduled for a weekday and they have to rise early the next morning for work so fixing a date in advance helps in booking the proper hall in advance thus calculating to an initial success in arranging the party.

•    Try To Have As Small A Committee For The Party As Possible
Having a large committee for party planning is a very big hurdle in itself as scheduling a meeting for 15 high officials is a hectic ad near impossible job. Having a small committee is helpful in taking the right decisions as well as taking them instantly as well. 3 to 4 individuals are ideal for the planning committee. Meetings should be scheduled for the committee to decide on important stuff but small and petty issues should be solved without planning a meeting as it wastes a lot of precious time of everyone committee member.

•    Keep Records Of Previous Company Parties
Keeping in view the past events, actions and decision of previous party helps considerably in reducing the problems that were faced earlier on.  You can imply some of the favorite things over in this party that were successful or over enjoyed at the last party however rubber stamping the whole party is not at all recommended.

•    Stay Ready To Take Decisions
As hard as it may be for almost of all us if you are on a   planning committee you are required to take immediate decisions almost all the time. Deciding upon the party date is not just enough by the committee, you will also require to decide on a theme, which band or group of singers you want to invite, what the menu would be, how the hall’s decorations should be, etc.

•    Ability To Come Over Arguments
When you are in a company party planning committee you will come across frequent disagreements upon petty things including which band of singers to hire and the menu. You should have the ability to overcome such hurdles.

•    Some Other General Mistakes
•    Never cancel a party because the committee thinks it is over budgeted
•    When choosing the menu keep your employee choices under consideration.
•    Never have a long CEO speech
•    Never try to do everything alone. A company party planning committee should be organized.

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