Have fun with Treasure hunt planning

Treasure hunt is a fun game full of excitement. If you are planning for giving a gift to an individual or group you can make it more awaited and enjoyable an affair with a Treasure hunt planning.

Treasure hunt is an amazing system of presenting gift to somebody. It is very popular both among children and adults. Children love to play it during picnics and birthday parties. Treasure hunt planning mostly involves a group of people rather than individuals, because it inspires team spirit. This is why it is a preferred event for corporate day outs also. Sometimes two or more groups are engaged in a Treasure hunt and there it is run as a competition.

Here are some useful tips for your Treasure hunt planning if you are going to have an event:

Initial preparation
At the beginning of your treasure hunt planning you have to prepare all the necessary materials you need for getting the instructions ready. Paper is the most available material in this regard. It is good to use colorful and light papers. But in many cases papers are not protective in respect to hiding places. You can use shrinkable plastics which are not only durable but also able to help you in making a trick of squeezing the size of handwriting after getting shrunk so that one has to use a magnifying glass to read it out. If you want to use some natural source, fruit shells like walnut shell can serve the purpose by containing your written instruction into it. You can follow simple instructions by taking a printed photograph which can work as a clue.  You can make many more innovative ideas for initial preparation.

Placing the instructions:
Next you have to look for safe places where you can hide your instructions. Your places must be so secured that no one can find it on the first chance. Different sides of furniture, drawers and cabinets are the commonest places. Apart from that you can hide them into odd places like among the folds of cloths; books etc. For imposing more excitement place the clues on the bottom of a container full of water or attaché with a lower branch of any of the nearby trees.

Setting the game
In order to set the game you have to make a search map which will help the participants to see the way they should precede.  Then write down clues on the instruction materials. Do not write the name of destination or searching item directly, rather write in riddle form or in rhythmic lines so that your participants need brainstorming to get the solution. But do not provide improper or incomplete information. It can make your total Treasure hunt planning fruitless. Set a list of rules and regulation which can prevent your participants’ cheating tendency, such as, determining the range of area or the people from whom they can take any help. Determine a deadline for finding out the treasure and start a stop watch as soon as the participants break out on adventure.

You can allow two or more individuals to compete against each other if your Treasure hunt planning is short and easy. In case of complex and time consuming plan you can divide two or more groups. Allow each group to elect an efficient and witty team leader. If the participants are children, allow an elderly leader.

Give thorough instruction on the game procedures and rules to all the participants, especially the group leaders. And then set them on game. The team which will solve all the given instructions and find the targeted treasure within the shortest time will possess it as their reward.

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