For a splendid cocktail party planning

The initial step in cocktail party planning is to make the  guest list. You must be wanting to invite different personality type. The varieties are the spice of life. Same goes to the to the guests that are cheerful, interesting, outgoing and friendly. If you are on  a business party , there is no need to call friends. Or  if you have a cocktail party for friends, here also you have to be selective.   So cautiously choose the suitable guests for the party.

When planning a cocktail party it is extremely important that all the items on the checklist are present before the party begins. Everyone wants to have a booming cocktail party as shown on TV but the question always arises that how will the party be planned? That is the most important question asked when it comes to the cocktail party planning. However sometimes, money is the basic problem why such successful parties are not executed. Although if such parties are planned perfectly, they can be easy to manage. These parties can also be inexpensive if the right items at affordable prices are bought.

Here’s how to start this party planning:
1.    Planning a theme
2.    Selecting the drinks for the cocktail party
3.    Themed bar
4.    Choosing the menu
5.    Decorations

Firstly, when it comes to cocktail party the theme of the cocktail party, it needs not be a specific theme for example rock star or Valentine’s Day because that would make the theme look a little weird. When it comes to the cocktail party theme, it should be more of an exotic theme for example, a mojito inspired party. The theme can be as simple as it can be, it can even be associated with the drink that is going to be offered at the cocktail party. It can be a tropical theme and all of the plates and cups should be perfectly set according to the theme selected. Another thing that can help set the mood for the party can be candles. See it’s not that expensive! They enlighten the theme perfectly. So, the most important thing in the party is its theme.

Next comes the selection of the drink which is also very important especially when the theme is associated with it. The drink can be any type of liquor or in some cases people tend to prefer an assortment of different drinks thus that can be one of the ideas for the special drink of the evening. Also to make the drink a little more exotic, get some frozen fruit slices so that the guests can use it instead of ice. That will completely add up to the party and will make it look chic. As per the cocktail party planning, One thing to remember is that there should be plenty of water on the party because it would be needed.

Thirdly is the themed bar that is also an important part of the  planning. A themed bar would include all the drinks that you want to have at your party except for the special drink. The drinks can be alcohol or any fruit juices depending on the drink that you would ask the barman to serve.

Moreover, it also suggests that the menu should be well planned as it is not necessary to go with the theme. The general rule of thumb is that the menu should include half hot and half cold dishes so that there is an assortment of dishes for the guests. Fruits platters should always be present. People love to have fruit platters on such evenings. The menu should include 6 to 8 dishes of your choice plus the salads that you want to have on your menu.

The cocktail party planning also includes the guest list, that is deciding who should be invited to the cocktail party. The list should be kept simple and so should the invitations be. Simple emails or messages on social websites would do. The lighting is also important for the cocktail party thus that should be done perfectly so that it creates a perfect mood for a cocktail party.

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