Arrange a Pleasant Wine Dinner Party

Wine dinner party is a great mean for arranging a pleasant get together with your friends and family. For making it delightful you should go through a well managed party planning so that your guests keep it as a cheerful memory.

Generally a wine dinner party is arranged for not that much large number of guests. Therefore it is easy for you to plane the party within a small range and give your fullest effort successfully. Let us have a discussion on planning a fine wine dinner party.  

Arrange for a dining table:
First of all you have to arrange for a dining table which can accommodate the number of your invited guests. A round table is preferable for 4-6 guests. If you have invited guests larger in number, you can arrange for a longer so that you can host all your guests together. If you do not have such a long one at home you can manage a big folding table or follow a trick—manage a few shorter square tables, place theme jointly, and then cover with an eye catching table cloth. Once you have prepared the table make it lucrative for making those say “wow” at first glance who are going to dine there. Put flower vases with fresh flowers and decorative candle light stands along the middle line of the table at reasonable distances. Use clean and quality dishes, spoons and wine glasses for a better treat.

Decorate your place:
Selecting a theme should not be ignored for the party planning of your wine dinner party however homely it is. Decorate your party place according to that theme. Remember that, dinner parties must avoid too bright light settings. You can use dimmers, lamps or just candle stands for lighting purpose. Most of the people like to use gothic themes for dinner parties. So these kinds of light system serve the purpose to a great extent. Whatever the theme may be, using fragrant flowers for room decoration is a must because they make your evening time more charming and romantic. Also decorate your seating arrangement in a well furnished way where your guests would love to spend some time before or after dinner.

Prepare food and drinks:
Dishes and wines are the main attraction of such a party. It depends up to you whether you would like to order for foods from a restaurant or cook at home. You can add a healthy soup and salad as starter. Roast, pasta, turkey, or whatever dishes you may serve you must pay a good deal of attention of presentation. Mixed greens studded with edible flowers, shaved truffles over fettuccine, baked Alaska or bananas Foster, etc dishes will impress your guests. But, for a wine dinner party you have to put more effort to impress with your wine selection. Stock branded wine from the market even before starting your party planning. If your guests are close friends then buy wines of their choice. You can also make a non-alcoholic version by replacing the wine with grape juice or festive sangria.

Entertaining activities:
As for entertainment music is the best solution, you can arrange for some good classical collection which will add a great one to the romantic atmosphere of your evening. It would be more pleasant if you call for couple dance with soft music. But the direct participation of hosts and guests is always a charming part of such party entertainments. So invite your guests for singing, playing guitar, reciting or showing whatever talent they posses. However, thematic games are also much enjoyable in such a wine dinner party. Playing some group games you can conclude the wine dinner party having a good time with friends.  

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