A Refreshing Tea party planning

Tea party has been a popular means of entertainment, refreshment and formal get together for a long time.  You can have a tea party planning for your friends, family, and neighbors or even professional clients also. You just need to go with some easy but careful steps if you want to make your tea party successful.

Tea party planning can be of versatile types as it is suitable for innumerable purposes. Usually midday to afternoon time is the most suitable time for a tea party. If you are unable to manage a dinner party for any reason tea party can serve best as an alternative. It is an ideal form of social gathering for a bridal reception, baby shower, retirement party, a birthday celebration, or old friends’ reunion. Tea party is also very convenient way to impress your business client and settle a deal in a private environment. So, you must realize the importance of a perfect tea party planning from different aspects. Let us have some easy tips for your tea party planning:

Inviting your guests for your tea party is an important duty. As it is not that much important occasion your invitation must be catchy so that the guests are easily convinced to pay their visit. Depending on the occasion of you party your invitation can range from a very casual pattern to a formal invitation. You can include a tea bag in a more friendly invitation for fun or use moderated tea cup design on a formal invitation. This will set the tone for your party.

Initial preparation:
Make a list of food items, utensils and other accessories for a pleasant tea party. Arrange for a good tea table which can accommodate all the guests at a time.  A round table is preferable for small number of guests. If you have larger number of guests, arrange for a longer one. If you do not have such a long one at home you can manage a big folding table or manage a few shorter square tables, then place them together. The duration of a tea party is not long lasting at all. So you need to complete all your arrangements before the arrival of your guests so that you can spend a meaningful time with them.   

Tea table setting:
Tea table is the matter of central attention in a tea party. So your tea party planning must not ignore adorning it. Once you have prepared the table make it lucrative for making your guests say “wow” at first glance. Cover the table with a lucrative linen table cloth. Place elegant China or silver flower vase with fresh flowers. Put a tray with a teapot and tea cups in the middle of the table. You can use different colors and sizes of tea cups. But white is the best if it is a formal party as the color bears the true elegance and charm of tea party. It will look praiseworthy if you place other dishes with snacks round the tea pot bearing tray.   

Tea party menus:
In your tea party planning you can bring a great variation if you arrange for different tastes of teas instead of common milk tea and raw tea. You can add tea with cream, card and lemon slices to accommodate the varied tastes of your guests. Entertain your guests with quality biscuits and cookies. Sandwich is an ideal snacks menu for tea time. You can try several recipes for sandwiches as it is an easy homemade menu. Also add some other snacks.

Don’t forget to play some soft music after the tea is over and enjoy your time with light discussion, gossips or jokes to have a meaningful tea party. A perfect tea party planning does not need any pomp and grandeur but organized arrangement for refreshments and touch of elegance.

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