Wedding party planning: Some unique ideas

Wedding is the most significant occasion of human life. So why don’t you do something special for your dear one’s wedding party planning? It just needs a few innovative ideas which can make the wedding ceremony a memorable one to the guests for long years.

For a perfect Wedding party planning we keep ourselves busy in the pomp and grandeur of venue decorations, wedding dress, foods, and such things. But, you should never forget that  a Wedding ceremony is the eve when two lives join the same journey of life and two families combine forever. So the best way to make the wedding party a touchy and unique one is to involve the family members and the bride and groom in effective way.  Let us see what exceptions you can make in your Wedding party planning:

Making connection with the guests:
Guests are invited to a wedding ceremony not only for a social gathering but also for having their blessings and best wishes. So treat your guests in a manner which please in them every way. You can invite them through an invitation card which is designed in a personalized way. Along with giving detail information of the family members of both bride and groom, you can attach family photos and single photos of them on the card. Welcome your guests on the reception of the venue with most cordiality. You can receive them with white roses and also can include a card thanking them for their graceful presence.

Family members’ involvement:
Though being an optional activity, lightening of unity candles is now popular. I must suggest you to keep this part in your Wedding party planning and make it special with the help of playing associative background music and personal readings so that everyone can understand the meaning of union in a marriage. At first the bride and groom will lit their candles. During that time a reader can express the thoughts of this newly married couple who acknowledge their families’ love and contribution in their lives and their promises to the upcoming new life and life partner. In the same way the mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents of both sides are to be called in pair for lightening unity candle with change of associated music and readers’ paraphrasing. Thus the family members can play a significant role in giving the wedding party its true meaning.

Selection for readings and music:
Musical interludes and readings are going to occupy a significant position in your Wedding party planning. These are not supposed to be only Biblical scriptures and hymns.  In modern time many people like to include some meaningful literary texts as readings because they are very realistic for describing the significance of marriage. But remember that you must be very thoughtful of making perfect selection of music and literary reading. At the beginning of the ceremony a reader can deliver a welcome speech addressing the guests in which you can include some lines from poetry. After that two or three readings are supposed to be performed for which you should select scriptures and romantic literary texts which reflect the aim and success of marriage so that the bride and groom as well as all their friends and family learn something precious. You can consult the religious officiates of the wedding for making a good selection.

Selection of music is also an important aspect of Wedding party planning. You can select an instrumental of a touchy song which bears the emotion of father-daughter relation when the bride proceeds to her groom holding her father’s arm.  Again, you can play instrumentals of motherly songs when the mothers are kindling lights and song of strong love relation for the turn of the newly married couple.

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