Selecting the best and craziest Luau party ideas

There are many great luau party ideas that can make a hot summer evening at home quite enjoyable. Luau parties are about fun, good food, drinks, games, music and dance. A great idea is also about lovely colorful decorations, themed costumes, flowers and hammocks in which to relax.

What is the best way to enjoy the hot summers staying at home? Hold a luau theme party, of course, by using luau party ideas. Luaus are Hawaiian themed parties that can cater to both child and adult tastes and are immensely enjoyable. In fact, one can be spoilt for choice for ideas. Here is how to choose from among the best available ones

Ideas for children: You can choose an idea that is straight from Hawaii and make your party a smashing hit with children. It only depends on your choice of certain key elements that can lend authenticity and fun to the party. Just choose those that can provide the maximum fun to children. Also make liberal use of balloons, cakes and even Hawaiian recipes for the food. Children will love the food and frolic. You can also select a popular Hawaiian game, the limbo, a popular luau party idea for children. If you have access to a poolside, you may also use palm trees and luau lighting to lend a real feel to the whole thing. Again, a great and popular way is to use luau costumes which the children can wear, luau games that they can pay and even luau skirts that can be worn to dance. A whacky concept is to include games to play in Hawaiian grass skirts.

Ideas for adults: Adults can enjoy fully by using decorations, delicious food items to eat and even authentic Hawaiian drinks to savor and enjoy. Adults can also dress up in traditional Hawaiian costumes. They can laze in hammocks strung up strategically. Indeed, there are so many luau themed ideas that one can use for enjoyment of adults.

Decoration: Great luau ideas almost always include decorations. For great decorations, you can use colorful genuine orchids and tropical flowers for the occasion. But there are other great ideas. You can use bamboo reeds, tiki torches and centerpieces of tea lights. What better way is there than this for sheer enjoyment in hot summers? What best to enjoy than what a crazy luau party idea provides?

Music: Who has ever heard of a party that does not include music? Indeed, music is a must and one can use real Hawaiian music to liven things up. What better way to enjoy luau is there than this? Music serves as a great complement to the luau.

Food: The best luau party ideas must necessarily use liberal doses of authentic Hawaiian food. Such Hawaiian food traditionally includes pork, chicken, pineapple and rice. A great idea includes genuine Hawaiian meal consisting of pig and poi, sweet potatoes, salmon and luau. For drinks, one can use the mai tai. This is a traditional Hawaiian drink made of rum and fruit juices. It is an ideal concoction and a sure-success luau party.

Another great idea is to hold hula hoop contests among the revelers. One can also use more colorful party ideas. One can also search the internet for some of the craziest and authentic luau-based party ideas that one can possibly find. The best luau parties always provide great fun. Who will not love to attend such a fun-filled party that includes everything from great decorations, brilliant themes, wonderful games and sporting contests, grand prizes for the winners, and ravishing food and drinks to go with all this?

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