Quinceanera party-the best way to mix ceremony with great fun

The Quinceanera is a grand way to celebrate your girl child’s fifteenth birthday. It is a great way to mix ceremonial rituals with fun and frolic. You only need to organize and source sufficient funds well in advance for the event. You can send stylish invitations, arrange great food and drinks, invite fourteen people from among your guests that have contributed toward your girl’s development and also spend quality time with your close family and friends in course of the Quinceanera party.

Is your girl child’s birthday round the corner? Is she going to be just fifteen years of age on that day? If so, why not hold a Quinceanera related event for celebrating her fifteenth birthday in a grand way? You and your girl child will simply love it. For the child, it will be a fun-filled event which she can spend with her family and friends. For you, who are a caring parent, it will serve to mark the transformation of your sweet girl child into an adult female or woman. Thus, a Quinceanera party can afford fun and fulfillment of ceremony.

Indeed, such kind of party is the best way to mix fun with ceremony. As a ceremony, it will mark the coming womanhood of your daughter. As a fun-filled event, you and your family can celebrate the day with dances, games, food and drinks. For this, you need to plan in advance and have sufficient funds to buy things needed for the party.

You can start off with your preparations by sending invitations to the guests-to-be well in advance. Such invitations can be modern or they can be traditional in style and content. You also need to invite fourteen couples as part of the guests. You can then arrange things to work like clock-work on the D-day. You can plan to hold a series of events that are normally held at such parties.

What are these events that are included in such a traditional party? The first event, of course, is the entry of the girl whose fifteenth birthday is to be celebrated. She makes her entry in grand clothes and in great style. You can arrange for soft and slow paced songs to play during her entry. After this, a waltz can be performed followed by the main meal served hot and fresh. The next part of the Quinceanera party is again a dance event. This is followed up with a video playback of the birthday celebrations. You can serve cold dessert during this time also. Or, you can hold a candle ceremony. For this, you need to use fifteen candles. The candles are for giving to certain selected persons who have contributed to the birthday girl’s development during the fifteen years of her life. It is also the girl who gives the candles. This may again be followed up with a third round of dancing. Lastly, you hold a toast or cake-cutting ceremony and follow this up with a carnival dance. Thus, such a party is a long-drawn out affair and needs much preparation for the vent in advance. However, it is well worth holding such a party.

A Quinceanera party is thus a party that has a mix of serious ceremonial practice with fun by way of dances, food and drinks. It celebrates the attainment of womanhood and is a memorable event in your young girl’s life. What better way to enjoy such an important event than by eating great food, dancing and drinking to your heart’s content? What better way is there to appreciate your girl child than to celebrate her growing up in such a grand and ceremonial fashion?

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