Prom party: What it is and what it is not

A prom is a formal dance event that is held annually. It is attended by school girls and school boys. It is popular in the USA and a part of its culture. Again, it mostly does not include a provision for food or drinks. However, such a prom party is always fun-filled and a memorable occasion for school and college students.

A prom is held for senior students on the day the school year ends. It usually includes a formal dance event. A prom event is common in US schools and an event that is much liked and well attended. It is an annual party that most students enjoy generally by dancing to live bands, dressing up in grand dresses and costumes and enjoying themselves in every way they can.

A grand prom party always has teenage girls attending in fancy dresses while the boys come in wearing tuxedos and black ties. The girls use lots of make-up and hair-dos. The boys try and look smart. Most youngsters come in lovely limousines and look like kings or queens. The prom is held in the school or somewhere that is rented for the occasion. At the party, dances are the main events. Every participant dances or enjoys watching others dance to live music. The event lasts several fun-filled hours.

A prom do is a formal occasion. Nevertheless, it is also time for young girls and boys to meet one another and select their date from among the opposite sex. Some view this kind of party as an event that signifies growing up process of young girls and boys. Whatever it is, the event is a dance party that may also include food and drinks. But food and drinks are not an essential part of proms although a prom party looks incomplete without enjoying choices food and drinks that one can at a party event. In case no food is served, most often the girls and boys exit the party and make their way to popular restaurants to have fabulous dinner there. Thus, one can also find that there is an after-prom event that is an equally popular and interesting event for young boys and girls from school or college to attend.

Unlike other dance events, a prom is not for adults or very young children. However, like other parties, it is also enjoyable in its own way. In some prom events, there may be selection of a prom queen or king, or even a prom prince or princess, in case younger children are the dance participants. All in all, the party revolves around the central theme of formal dance and the participants look and dress for such occasion.  

A prom party is a part of popular culture in the US. It has also found its way to schools and colleges in the UK and Canada. Wherever it is held and celebrated, a prom event retains its unique formal character and relates to the dance as a formal event. The boys and girls who attend even borrow their dresses or buy them for the occasion in advance. Often, they may come in groups or as a couple. Again, they may also come alone and select a particular person of the opposite sex as their preferred dance partner. Hence, this kind of party is great fun and enjoyable in its own way. However, like most other parties, it does not comprise food, drinks or games as central themes. Nonetheless, it is a fun-filled and highly memorable event and well attended by both junior and senior school girls and boys.

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