How to make your Bar Mitzvah party unforgettable

The secret about unforgettable parties is to understand the significance that the event bears. To a Jews or Judaist, some events have great religious significance. Take, for example, being referred to as a bar mitzvah. This honor comes when you attain the legal age of maturity, in which you acquire the responsibility of observing all the commandments of God.

The occasion is usually marked in the 13 thirteenth birthday. According to the traditions, you are no longer a child, and you will answer to any action you take against the religious tenets. Many people commemorate the attainment of this status with a bar mitzvah party.

You can never lack for ideas to celebrate your bar mitzvah party, as the older members of your family can give you some suggestions that have been passed down from generations. However, it never hurts to be prepared with your own ideas in addition to the usual ones. Besides, it will be impressive to the others if you knew what you are expected to do rather than depend on the others to make your party as interesting as possible.

You should prepare to put on the important symbols of your religion in every Morning Prayer during the week. During your party, you should adorn them to symbolize your readiness to do this regularly for the rest of your life. These religious symbols are known as tefillin or phylacteries.

During your bar mitzvah party, you can schedule to read from the Torah and the books of the Prophets. This will pave way for you to be ready when you are called upon to read the same in the synagogue during the weekday prayers and on the day of Sabbath.  

This is a very special occasion, in which you can hold various festivities and let people present gifts to you, as you also give them your own. During the occasion, you can organize for a dance. The music should does not necessarily have to be very old and traditional. You can probably mix the playlist by playing traditional and modern stuff. The tradition of having a bar mitzvah party appears to have begun in the 15th century according to historical literature. Therefore, many people would prefer having some historical aspects, such as traditional music to be included in the festivities. This would especially be appealing to the older generation of people in attendance.

A bar mitzvah party can be extremely exciting if you have some religious games to play. Since knowledge of the religious scriptures will be fundamental to your life from now henceforth, it would be appropriate to have a game, in which you will be required to exhibit your knowledge of the scriptures.

You can also have musical performance of the sacred scriptures. This can include singing the daily prayers you perform before doing ordinary actions, such as eating and washing. Since you will be expected to recite different texts of the scriptures, you can perform some of them during this party. These will be crucial in proving that you are ready to be regarded as a member of the community of Jews and your coming of age.

After the traditional party, you can have a great after party with your friends and family. Prepare some barbeque in the backyard or let the guests have different types of food. A bar mitzvah party will not be the same without traditional Jewish dishes to make the palate feel good.

You can close the formal parts of the party with a speech thanking the guests for coming and declaring the party free.

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