How to enjoy best the Memorial Day party

Memorial Day is a day for those patriots who laid their lives for our great country. But, it also marks the beginning of summer. So, one can also hold and enjoy an extended Memorial Day party.

Memorial Day is a memorable occasion for us to remember those patriots who laid down their lives for the nation. But, it also marks the official beginning of summer. So why not hold and enjoy a Memorial Day themed event to start the hot summer?

A Memorial Day themed event can be immensely enjoyable event non-withstanding the summer heat.  Question is how best to enjoy it. There are umpteen options and themes that one can choose to best enjoy the Memorial Day party. Indeed, this can be the right way to start summer and before it grows hotter as the days go by.

You can plan for your party by first preparing a guest list. Next, you choose what food, drinks and pastimes you will include for the guests. Food can consist of meat like hamburger, beef or turkey. One can use various burger recipes also. Memorial Day party food can even include grilled chicken or ribyeye and green salads. For desert, one can use baked cakes topped with cream or even frosty cupcakes topped with white icing. Again, for a great way to celebrate Memorial day you can arrange cool and refreshing drinks like syrup, lemon juice and vodka that are all very popular.
Other than food and drinks, one of the best ideas for a Memorial Day celebration is adopting a suitable theme. Such themes can be the holding of a backyard party or a poolside party. Also, no party is complete without the entire family enjoying things together. Such party can be held outside the house also.

Every Memorial Day occasion is essentially a patriotic event. So, why not decorate things up patriotically a bit by using the American flag as a centre-piece? Besides, one can use colored balloons, soft flowers and other decorative items like candles.

One of the best ways to enjoy a Memorial Day party is by inviting select guests in advance and arranging a poolside dinner. The pool provides a cool environment and one can also hold some competitive games or events among the guests. There can be a quiz competition with the qui relating to all things patriotic. There must be a quiz master who will conduct the quiz. There must also be provision for prizes to be awarded the quiz winners.

Another way to best enjoy the Memorial Day is to hold the screening of a really great war or patriotic movie. The guests can simply watch the movie and enjoy a great patriotic evening.

However, a Memorial Day event is incomplete without parades and firecrackers. One can organize a massive fireworks display and watch the crackers go off. One can also watch the parades go by in all the splendor and color of uniforms worn scrupulously clean. One can also decorate using the colors of the American flag, viz. red, blue and white. It is also a great concept to string up mini lights in which to enjoy fabulous games, fun and pleasure. For decorating the dinner table, one can use typical American things like baseball, apple pie, coca cola or even a Barbie doll. Te guest can also play various games like baseball, poker or blackjack. One can also go for volleyball or basketball. Again, there is nothing like organizing a craft event as a part of Memorial Day celebrations for the kids. Great craft ideas include the American flag, patriotic pin and paper fireworks that are easy to make.

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