How best to hold an open house party for family and friends?

An open house party is an event which guests can be pre-invited and come and go as they like. It is a party that can be suitable for those who have less space for large number of guests. A great way to hold an open house party is to organize things in advance and provide great food, drinks and gifts. One can also hold events like quiz contests and sit and draw contests. One can also give prizes to the winners of the events to make the party very memorable.

As the name implies, an open house party is an open event. This means that guests may come and go as and when they please. Such kinds of parties are actually informal get-togethers held for a certain period of time at home. They offer certain advantages when compared to other parties and are quite easy to organize.

Unlike other kinds of parties, this kind of party allows for guests to come in and go at various points of time during the day. For people who want to celebrate with a large number of invited people and the space for holding the same is limited, it makes perfect sense to plan and hold an open house party. One can plan on advance and invite the guests on any day one chooses. It is not necessary that the party has to be held on specific holidays or that it needs to celebrate a particular occasion or event. Such parties can be held on any day and you only need to invite your guests and arrange things in advance.

Unlike other kinds of parties, one does not need to choose a specific theme. In spite of this, all these parties are very enjoyable occasions. They can be arranged at short notice so long as they do not inconvenience the invited guests. Like in any other party, what one needs to provide in such events are the usual things like great food, equally great drinks, some sporting or competitive events that award prizes or even a fashion parade.

Good wholesome food can be easily arranged along with soft and hard drinks. An open house party can be great fun if you can choose the right food and drinks. For food, you can select any kind of meat, a side dish, a dessert and a hard drink like beer or wine. You can also choose from a wide range of fruity syrups for those who do not want to take liquor. Food and drinks can be served by way of a buffet system. People would love the ambience and great free food and drinks. Indeed, like other parties, this kind of party can revolve around great food and drink combinations.

You can also hold competitive events like fashion events or quiz contests. For the children, you can organize games or even sit and raw contests. The main thing in an open kind of party is to invite as many favorite guests as you can and provide them things that they can enjoy. You would also do well to select some fine gifts and prizes so that the participants in the contests or events go home happy for winning something or other.

A great open house party idea would include getting the event sponsored by marketing companies or similar commercial organizations. These organizations can effectively use such kind of parties to advertise their wares or services and can even gain some customers in course of the party. However, take due care so that such advertising or marketing is perfectly legal.   

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