How a Bon voyage party should be held

A bon voyage party is one deserving event that needs not to be ignored, this the best time to give your loved ones a send off to a foreign land to search for greener pastures or quality education. Bon voyage party is usually held days before the departure of the subject. When attending one you need to look classy in your dressing code, for ladies and gents it is proper to wear something decent in the eyes of everyone that best suits you. Because a bon voyage party has everyone attending it both the young and old, therefore it is good to show your positive side.

Guests are advised to bring gifts in honor of the person being given a send off. It is also good to give a chance to anyone willing to make a farewell speech or do anything that is memorable. A bon voyage party can be held anywhere so long as it takes place and that all the invited guests attend the memorable moment. While about to travel it is good to eat the kind of food that you are used to, especially when you are flying out of the country on a long term course.

If you are the one who is traveling, there are few things that are supposed to be in your possession, most of them required are very important so it is better to have them ready to avoid the last minute rush. Some of the things that are to be ready days before you travel are a passport, suitcase, air ticket that you can be provided for by your agent and other things that may be required. While travelling you can also carry small stuff that is familiar to you to keep you company when you are in a foreign land.

Before having a bon voyage party, you can plan it yourself but it is good to let another person manage it for you to become more lively, it has to be an expert who is fond of such events. You can invite people by giving them cards or going door to door telling your next door neighbors. The modest way to do this is by giving them invitation cards to remind them of the said date, time, and venue. And the reason for the party should be included in the card to avoid many questions

Once the party takes place and everybody has eaten and enjoyed themselves and also given each and every person a chance to speak, it is proper to inform everyone who has attended what the occasion is and if need be the reason for your departure to a foreign land. The speech should not be long like a sermon just brief and simple. You can also let your guests have a taste of the kind of cuisine you are going to be having over there, things like taking pictures and video recording are very important to keep archives in case you are missing guys back at home.

Bon voyage party lets you have taste of culture of the country you heading to that is in case you are well acquainted with the culture or you have seen some of the stuffs in TV. This prepares you to be familiar with the ways of the citizens of that particular country and to mingle with them without any worries. You can hire the services of a local caterers to spice up the event if you financially stable but that may turn out to be very expensive compared to getting helping hand from family and friends for free.

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