Get Ready for a Funny Trailer trash party

Trailer trash party is a great idea for enjoying a memorable day full of laughter with your friends and family. The biggest advantage of this kind of party is that you don’t need to spend a big amount for having this much merriment.

Arranging a trailer trash party is too simple and easy because you just need to gather whatever trashy ingredients you see around you as well as turn yourself into trashes! If you are going to throw such a party for the first time you can go through the discussion to clarify the conception on specific points.

It is very easy as well as funny to decorate your place for a trailer trash party. First of all select a convenient venue where you can run the party. You can select your leaving room or your yard for this purpose. In order to decorate the wall you can use some worn and torn posters racing cars or of swimsuit models, once hung on bachelor’s wall, or posters with hysteric quotes. Give your guest’s eye some stinky treats by hanging your abandoned unwashed dirty cloths. You can use worn out cans as alternative candle stands. Among other trash materials you can add out of order tires, bulbs, burnt utensils etc.

Costume tradition of trailer trash party basically follows the trailer park clothing system.  So, wearing spandex and outlandish makeup for the party is a must. Big hair is an absolutely matching style for this party. If you have got the idea months before to arrange a trailer trash party you can stop cutting your hair and let it get as longer as possible.  You can suggest your male guests to wear old white tank tops and mullets – these are awesome get up for such a party. You must request your guests to join the party in required costume. You can instruct them in a meeting a few days before the eve.  You can also help them to manage their get up with some common gifts like cheap brightly colored makeup, funny trucker hats, and big belt buckles. Another easy way to prepare a trash party dress is to pour some colorful liquid or gravy like thing on your white shirt!

Food menu for this party is also very easy and not expensive at all. You should bear in mind that your food should be tacky in the same way as you have planned your decoration and costume. Cheese whiz on crackers is one of the essentials in the food menu. Besides this, cheese curls and Doritos are another perfect appetizer for your guests. You can order for hot dogs and chicken nuggets which would be very much enjoyable to share with friends. You can take TV dinners Baloney sandwiches, Pigs feet and spam are good items if you have included dinner with the party. But the success of your menu as trailer trash party food is in the presentation itself. For dessert Twinkies, Ho hos, Dingdongs are a great dessert for the party. Also offer keg of cheap beer to the guests as suitable drinks.

In order to grab the real fun of this party you must arrange some good games. Make a plan for such games which are bound to make a laugh out of your guests. Male wet t-shirt contest can be a great game for your party. You can also plan for a chugging contest which is sure to give your friends enormous fun. Allot funny gifts for the winners of each game.  At the end of the party announce the names of king and queen of the trailer park on the basis of guests’ vote and crown them with water melon shells!

If you have liked the ideas the you must try and have fun once.

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